Thursday, January 28, 2010

Public Scolding

Since I was reprimanded in Subway today for not keeping up with my resolution, I figured I would post something... Did you know that you are not supposed to eat lunch meat when you are pregnant? I put this in the super paranoid area of things to avoid - but I have tried to eat less. Supposedly you can get Listeria if it is not heated to steaming. I got my sandwich toasted, think that counts?

Not a lot going on around here - other than work, work, WORK! Justin has been working lots of overtime (no complaints) and my job keeps me busy as usual. By the time I get home I am ready to get into bed and close my eyes! Luckily my sweet husband has done a lot of cooking - aka picking up - of food. He's such a good sport.. mostly.

Nugget continues to grow. I haven't felt much, but this week have started to notice really faint things that COULD be the nug. We bought a fetal heart rate doppler, but haven't really had much luck with it yet. Of course, I have no idea what I am doing and have tried for a total of about 2 minutes. Hopefully as nuglet gets a little bigger it will be easier.

On a side note, EVERYONE needs a Tempurpedic bed. Justin's parents gave us ours and it is the best thing ever. I can lay my whiny butt in it and have nothing to complain about... now THAT is a serious compliment!



  1. Apparently the public scolding by some wonderful blogger wasn't enough. If you think you are too busy to blog now, you just wait until that little "nugget" gets here. Then you will see what having no spare time really is. Hope all is going well w/ you the "nugget".

  2. it is REALLY time to start updating your blog now. we are way past "nugget" being born. we are now at a happy meal. some pics of the babies would be really nice!!!!!