Thursday, January 28, 2010

Public Scolding

Since I was reprimanded in Subway today for not keeping up with my resolution, I figured I would post something... Did you know that you are not supposed to eat lunch meat when you are pregnant? I put this in the super paranoid area of things to avoid - but I have tried to eat less. Supposedly you can get Listeria if it is not heated to steaming. I got my sandwich toasted, think that counts?

Not a lot going on around here - other than work, work, WORK! Justin has been working lots of overtime (no complaints) and my job keeps me busy as usual. By the time I get home I am ready to get into bed and close my eyes! Luckily my sweet husband has done a lot of cooking - aka picking up - of food. He's such a good sport.. mostly.

Nugget continues to grow. I haven't felt much, but this week have started to notice really faint things that COULD be the nug. We bought a fetal heart rate doppler, but haven't really had much luck with it yet. Of course, I have no idea what I am doing and have tried for a total of about 2 minutes. Hopefully as nuglet gets a little bigger it will be easier.

On a side note, EVERYONE needs a Tempurpedic bed. Justin's parents gave us ours and it is the best thing ever. I can lay my whiny butt in it and have nothing to complain about... now THAT is a serious compliment!


Monday, January 18, 2010


I am enjoying my day off - watching Hoarders and eating puffy cheetos. Thought I would share a little of the "backstory" of the nugget.

Thanksgiving - November 26, 2009.
I am 5 weeks pregnant but have no clue. I have a MELTDOWN trying to get dressed for Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents house.
I feel crappy while there and eat hardly any of the wonderful food. Figure I am getting sick or something. Take family photos and go home to go to sleep.

The next day we wake up EARLY to go shopping for Black Friday. I love Black Friday. I made it to like 3 stores and was so exhausted that we had to go home. Stopped for sushi on the way - threw up in the restaurant bathroom.
Friday, November 27 - continued.
We stop at walmart to pick up some frozen pizzas and I secretly buy a pregnancy test - just in case. When we get home, Justin puts the pizzas in the oven and I sneakily take the prenancy test, fully expecting it to be negative. About 5 seconds later there are so many lines on that thing that I have no idea what to do. I frantically read the instructions, but nowhere does it inform you what a positive and negative result are. Finally, I find a picture on the back. Plus sign means positive, imagine that. I have no idea what to do and call my good friend, Karla, hyperventilating. She says it would probably be a good idea to tell Justin and by the way congrats.

I told Justin, he was excited, and then went to buy a wider variety of tests "just to be sure". After peeing on what felt like countless sticks, this was the result. 10 Positive tests. I figured that was enough to be sure. We decided not to tell anyone else until we went to the doctor to confirm and make sure everything was going the way it should be.

I went to the doctor to have things "confirmed" (peeing on another stick) and then made my appointment for 12 WEEKS!! We knew we couldn't wait that long to tell our families, so we decided to tell them both at Christmas.

These were both taken when I was about 7 weeks.

We told both of our families at Christmas and everyone was really excited and very sweet.

Hayden and I. 9 weeksish.

So far, things have been great. I had a lot of morning sickness until I got to about 11 weeks. Since then I've felt like a new woman! I'm still tired, but I'll take tired over spending so much quality time with my toilet. We are so freaking excited and terrified at the same time. I really like my Doctor, and that makes me really happy. I'm really glad that I no longer have to keep the nugget a secret. I am now 13 weeks and my estimated due date is July 27th. One day after our 2 yr anniversary, and the day before my niece's 6th birthday.

On a side note, Hoarders is the most disgusting show I have ever seen. There is also an old man picking pecans in my front yard and Tosca is going crazy.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


(plus one!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blogs (and websites) I Stalk

The handmade & vintage version of e-bay. I have been working on getting my online store setup here. They have the cutest kids'/baby clothes I have ever seen in my life. There is also some jewelry that I regularly drool over. I suggest you wander over when you have an hour or so to kill and see how talented and creative people can be.

I have no idea how I started reading this blog. Mckmama (Jennifer) has 4 kids that are extremely close in age. Her youngest son, Stellan, was diagnosed with SVT (a heart condition where your heart beats extremely fast) in utero. Doctors did not think he would survive, but he was born healthy. His SVT returned shortly after and he nearly lost his battle. 2 last-ditch surgeries (ablations) were done on his heart, but doctors did not think they would work. The second one was completely successful and Stellan has been completely healthy since then.

Once again, I started reading to keep up with Stellan - but after reading past posts I was totally hooked. I am such a hippie and I really enjoy reading about other people who are in to natural living/sustainable resources and such. She also is a photographer and has some cool photoshop and camera how to's.

Kelly's Korner
I originally found this blog through Mckmama's blog... I think. Kelly was expecting a totally healthy, full term baby, and Harper was born with severe respiratory issues. She wasn't expected to make it, but came out totally fine. I started reading this to keep up with Harper's health, but got totally addicted. Kelly seems so sweet and has really cute recipe and decorating ideas - plus Harper is adorable!

Baby Jonah has a genetic skin condition called EB. Anytime anything causes friction against his skin he gets a painful blister. I had no idea this disease even existed, and I really feel for this family. There is little to no research on EB so I hope her blog starts to get the word out about it. No child deserves to be sick!

I love Woot! They have a "daily deal" every day - usually electronicsesque - that is priced very cheap. Sometimes they have a "woot-off" where they put up a new item everytime an old item sells out - usually very quickly. If you are really lucky you can score a bag-of-crap. These sell out within seconds and usually crash the website. They have been known to include HD TV's, DVD players, laptops, etc..

I found this site from Aleesa. Everything looks delicious.. maybe someday I will actually attempt to make something from there.

HILARIOUS! If you don't mind a little foul language and insensitive humor this site is for you. It's a pseudo "mommy blog" but has other stuff too. She now has two books out and writes about all sorts of crazy stuff. Check this one out for sure!


Anybody who knows me knows how obsessed I am with pop culture. Most of my vast knowledge base comes from Perez Hilton - the best trashy celebrity gossip site there is!

I'm sure I forgot LOTS - and of course I read lots of friend's blogs as well, but I didn't want to leave anybody out. Let me know if you have a blog or website that you check constantly, I'm sure I would add it to my list!


lazy sunday...

It's a lazy Sunday here at our house. Justin is playing Super Mario brothers on the wii, and Tosca and I are cleaning house and napping. I just got back from an overnight trip with the Junior High region band kids. It was a fun trip, but I was definitely ready to be home! This is my sad attempt at keeping up with my two blogs a week self-imposed quota. Hopefully I will have something exciting to post about soon!


Monday, January 4, 2010

In yo' face!

I officially have the best husband ever. He made me the world's most delicious grilled cheese. I took a picture of it, and then I ate it.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

An open letter to SuddenLink communications

Dear SuddenLink,

Your current marketing campaign focuses on the slogan, "SuddenLink, you're connected". It's very catchy indeed. My problems with this slogan are three-fold (more like 29-fold, but no time for that).

1. Webster's defines sudden as - happening, coming, made, or done quickly, without warning, or unexpectedly: a sudden attack. Nothing about your service or product is done in a 'sudden' manner. After your service was ordered we had a near 2 week wait time for installation. I patiently waited for the installer to arrive between 10-4. He arrived at 6:15. After installation, our internet did not work for a week. On a side-note, the gentleman that installed our cable smelled like cigarette butts soaked in vodka. Our internet moves at approximately 3 miles in hour. Definitely not 'sudden', definitely annoying.

2. YOU STILL HAVE NO HD CHANNELS. This really requires no further explanation. Except, WHY DID WE BUY AN HD TV??

3. Since the inception of DVR I have lusted after it. While a poor college student, I subsisted off of free "basic" cable. I simply spent time with those who had this new-fangled contraption. After graduating from college and receiving my first "big girl" job, I knew what one of my first purchases would be. Digital Cable and DVR. I call up our "local" cable office and go through the entire order process. I am told my account was being finalized, please stay on the line. Sure, I thought, no problem - anything for DVR! A few moments later Ron returns to the link to inform me that he is so very sorry, it appears that DVR is not yet available in our area.


Wait a minute, Ron. I thought you were speaking to me from down the street at my "local" office? Wouldn't you have known we didn't have DVR here in the thriving metropolis of Brenham?

Fast forward nearly a year. A postcard comes in the mail, boldly proclaiming - "DVR is here! The wait is over! Call and sign up today!". Of course, I immediately force Justin to call the "local" office, unable to contain my excitement. He leaves the room for a moment and comes back in.

"Yeah, they don't have it."


In conclusion suddenlink, since we have no other option but to stick with you as our cable and internet provider, we have welcomed a new member to our little family. I have a feeling we will be very happy together.

Welcome, TIVo. We're happy to have you.