Monday, January 18, 2010


I am enjoying my day off - watching Hoarders and eating puffy cheetos. Thought I would share a little of the "backstory" of the nugget.

Thanksgiving - November 26, 2009.
I am 5 weeks pregnant but have no clue. I have a MELTDOWN trying to get dressed for Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandparents house.
I feel crappy while there and eat hardly any of the wonderful food. Figure I am getting sick or something. Take family photos and go home to go to sleep.

The next day we wake up EARLY to go shopping for Black Friday. I love Black Friday. I made it to like 3 stores and was so exhausted that we had to go home. Stopped for sushi on the way - threw up in the restaurant bathroom.
Friday, November 27 - continued.
We stop at walmart to pick up some frozen pizzas and I secretly buy a pregnancy test - just in case. When we get home, Justin puts the pizzas in the oven and I sneakily take the prenancy test, fully expecting it to be negative. About 5 seconds later there are so many lines on that thing that I have no idea what to do. I frantically read the instructions, but nowhere does it inform you what a positive and negative result are. Finally, I find a picture on the back. Plus sign means positive, imagine that. I have no idea what to do and call my good friend, Karla, hyperventilating. She says it would probably be a good idea to tell Justin and by the way congrats.

I told Justin, he was excited, and then went to buy a wider variety of tests "just to be sure". After peeing on what felt like countless sticks, this was the result. 10 Positive tests. I figured that was enough to be sure. We decided not to tell anyone else until we went to the doctor to confirm and make sure everything was going the way it should be.

I went to the doctor to have things "confirmed" (peeing on another stick) and then made my appointment for 12 WEEKS!! We knew we couldn't wait that long to tell our families, so we decided to tell them both at Christmas.

These were both taken when I was about 7 weeks.

We told both of our families at Christmas and everyone was really excited and very sweet.

Hayden and I. 9 weeksish.

So far, things have been great. I had a lot of morning sickness until I got to about 11 weeks. Since then I've felt like a new woman! I'm still tired, but I'll take tired over spending so much quality time with my toilet. We are so freaking excited and terrified at the same time. I really like my Doctor, and that makes me really happy. I'm really glad that I no longer have to keep the nugget a secret. I am now 13 weeks and my estimated due date is July 27th. One day after our 2 yr anniversary, and the day before my niece's 6th birthday.

On a side note, Hoarders is the most disgusting show I have ever seen. There is also an old man picking pecans in my front yard and Tosca is going crazy.

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  1. I think Nana and Pops are more excited than you guys!! Glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to have all three of our grandchildren at the same time. Fun times!!!!!!!!!