Saturday, January 2, 2010

An open letter to SuddenLink communications

Dear SuddenLink,

Your current marketing campaign focuses on the slogan, "SuddenLink, you're connected". It's very catchy indeed. My problems with this slogan are three-fold (more like 29-fold, but no time for that).

1. Webster's defines sudden as - happening, coming, made, or done quickly, without warning, or unexpectedly: a sudden attack. Nothing about your service or product is done in a 'sudden' manner. After your service was ordered we had a near 2 week wait time for installation. I patiently waited for the installer to arrive between 10-4. He arrived at 6:15. After installation, our internet did not work for a week. On a side-note, the gentleman that installed our cable smelled like cigarette butts soaked in vodka. Our internet moves at approximately 3 miles in hour. Definitely not 'sudden', definitely annoying.

2. YOU STILL HAVE NO HD CHANNELS. This really requires no further explanation. Except, WHY DID WE BUY AN HD TV??

3. Since the inception of DVR I have lusted after it. While a poor college student, I subsisted off of free "basic" cable. I simply spent time with those who had this new-fangled contraption. After graduating from college and receiving my first "big girl" job, I knew what one of my first purchases would be. Digital Cable and DVR. I call up our "local" cable office and go through the entire order process. I am told my account was being finalized, please stay on the line. Sure, I thought, no problem - anything for DVR! A few moments later Ron returns to the link to inform me that he is so very sorry, it appears that DVR is not yet available in our area.


Wait a minute, Ron. I thought you were speaking to me from down the street at my "local" office? Wouldn't you have known we didn't have DVR here in the thriving metropolis of Brenham?

Fast forward nearly a year. A postcard comes in the mail, boldly proclaiming - "DVR is here! The wait is over! Call and sign up today!". Of course, I immediately force Justin to call the "local" office, unable to contain my excitement. He leaves the room for a moment and comes back in.

"Yeah, they don't have it."


In conclusion suddenlink, since we have no other option but to stick with you as our cable and internet provider, we have welcomed a new member to our little family. I have a feeling we will be very happy together.

Welcome, TIVo. We're happy to have you.


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  1. I'm with Suddenlink, at the Corp. office. I'm told that, in your area -- assuming it's Brenham, Texas -- we plan to convert to a virtually all-digital line up later this year, with HD channels being added a month or two after that. We will share details locally as they are confirmed.

    Pete Abel
    email: pete-DOT-abel-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com